Hap's Gulf Coast Riders - Mission Statement: To be an association of motorcycling enthusiasts coming together for fun and socializing while promoting safe riding to better enjoy the motorcycling experience. To develop new friendships, support our community and have fun while working to support charities and to raise funds for our chosen charity, The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. About Us, The members of Hap's Gulf Coast Riders (HGCR) are motorcycle enthusiasts. All makes of motorcycles are welcome. We are sponsored by the oldest motorcycle dealer in the area, Hap's Cycle Sales, 2530 17th Street, Sarasota, FL, 34234, (941) 365-3443. Our club takes its name from founder, Albert Clyde "Hap" Poneleit, who passed away August 11, 2010. Please be sure to read about Hap here and by all means, take the time to watch the wonderful tribute video of Hap compiled by his friends and the four generations of family that loved him so much. We miss you Hap. We can also be found on Facebook at Hap's Gulf Coast Riders. The Hap's Gulf Coast Riders are sanctioned through the Honda Riders Club of America. HRCA Chapter #0293.

SADRA (Sarasota Area Dirt Riders Association) - Sarasota Area Dirt Riders Association was founded in 1978 when Sarasota was riddled with orange groves where there are now roads and a lot of traffic. Back in the day, there weren't many places that were designated "off-road vehicle friendly". There was also not a lot of organization to get Florida riders together for events. This resulted in somewhat unplanned races in and about the Manatee/Sarasota area. Our founders were pivotal in the creation of Florida Trail Riders and have brought us a long way from the days of looking for somewhere to ride and hoping to not get caught. Thanks to the organization and efforts of our first dirtbike clubs, we now have parks and designated land to ride on. As the years have gone on, some of our original members still remain diligently on board. Ensuring that our new members know how far we have come in the world of off-road racing and learning from our new members, as well.


Motorcycle Daily - A great website for reviews, information, race news, and some videos - Great reviews and comparisons of all brands and kinds of motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, and more.